5 Instagram content ideas for your brand

Behind the scenes snaps.

Instagram is an opportunity to humanize your brand. People love to get a peek behind the curtain and see what makes your business tick.

This can have all kinds of benefits including

  • Customers are more likely to be retained if they perceive a company as being composed of people, not some faceless corporate entity.
  • Customers can value your products or services more after seeing the effort and skill that goes into crafting them.

For individuals, this is Instagram 101. The more your followers feel a part of what you do and admire your talents, the more loyal and engaged they will be. Don't be afraid to show you're human, and not some impossibly perfect creature!

Do post things that people don't see everyday. We're curious beings, and if your followers see something they don't recognise in their feed, chances are they'll check it out.

Don't post low quality pictures. Just because it's behind-the-scenes you shouldn't lower the awesomeness of your feed, and with smartphone camera's in our pockets all day, there's no excuse!

Source: @nvidiageforce

Reposts from fans and followers

Many of the best photos on brand Instagram's are user generated content.

Take a look at posts you are tagged in and hashtags surrounding your brand. (Our clients are often surprised to find that followers are posting pictures of their products with hashtags followers thought up themselves, so take a look!)

What does a great repost look like? Here's one from @traveling.ever.after who reposted being featured on @Ventoura

Source: @traveling.ever.after

Contests and giveaways

Support the launch of a new product or service by running a giveaway or competition. There are heaps of ways to do it, here are some ideas

  • Ask followers to tag a friend
  • Ask followers to comment or answer a question
  • Allow follows to enter through you bio link. This works well for promotions that go across all marketing channels, and allows for easy tracking.

Don't make entering the contest too difficult, it isn't free stuff if you make your customers work for it!

Here are two giveaways we love that had amazing results, expanding reach and engaging their brand's following.

Source: @drinkwel

Source: @omnomnominc

Really cool statistics

People love facts, especially when they provide insight into something they are interested in.

You've probably noticed we use this a lot on our Instagram

Remember, facts don't always have to be serious!

Relevant news and events

You know your customers, chances are you're interested in the same things! If something cool is happening that you know your followers will love, post about it. The event doesn't have to be directly related to your brand, in fact it's probably better if it isn't.

It's easy to find a way to tie the content to your brand and make it fit your feed - think about the image you choose, it's colors, composition and filter.

Here's a great example from Starbucks

Source: @starbucks